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Feinschule/ Altiora, Ulsan — Native English Teacher
March 2018 -March 2020
During my first year at this academy, I taught the curriculum provided by the franchise. At the kindergarten level, I focused mostly on phonics and teaching
books about different countries and their cultures from around the world. At the elementary level, I taught listening skills, reading, and speaking; with a focus
on pronunciation and comprehension.
In my second year at the academy, my primary focus for the kindergarten was phonics as well as storytelling. For elementary, my focus was on reading, and comprehension, as well as speaking.
● Lead foreign team by delegating tasks to appropriate employees and
mentored foreign coworkers
● Implemented Phonics activities, storybook lessons, English vocabulary and
sentence making games at the kindergarten level
● Created and administered bi-annual summative assessments
● Guided students to better Reading comprehension and Speaking across alllevels
● Prepared engaging topics for discussion for upper elementary school students

Kyunghee Kindergarten, Ulsan —Foreign Language Teacher
March 2017 - February 2018
I worked as a Foreign Language Teacher at Kyunghee Kindergarten. I was responsible for the well being and English education of children from the ages of 5
to 10 years old. For the kindergarten classes, I would read story books and teach sight words from the book. Students were then tasked to either find and circle the words in their storybooks or do pages from their workbook. For elementary, the students and I would work through the textbook and practice the new words and sentences.
● Created interactive lessons based upon the storybooks provided by the institution
● Organized and taught conversation to elementary students, focusing on pronunciation and sentence structure. Prepared worksheets, games, andsongs related to the subject material.
● Conducted weekly phone conversations with individual elementary students.

Prolangs Language School, Ulsan, Native English Teacher
November 2014 - February 2017
At this academy, I primarily focused on oral pronunciation and fluency, while
teaching textbook and writing skills. I was tasked with making English more fun
and engaging for students, and thus developed and taught special lessons. These
special lessons were mostly crafts or cooking, with the goal of giving children
real-life opportunities to engage with the English language.

● Taught textbook and writing skills, while primarily focusing on oral
pronunciation and fluency
● Responsible for teaching students from 7 to 16 years of age
● Organized special lessons, such as crafts or cooking - to give the children a
real-life opportunity to engage with the English language
● Provided the students with written and oral instructions in English,
allowing them to practice their listening skills, with a concrete goal to fulfill within the class time
● Additional duties included: preparing students for speaking contests,editing students for speaking contests,
editing students essays or stories for school contests

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